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Love is the hole which we fall into, whether willingly or by accident.
A wondrous weapon for such a seemingly small cost.
There is power in this emotion, a spell to abuse.
That brings life a person’s hallow shell,
Or removes their soul, killing them for the years after.
~ A. W. Gilchrest

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I Never Said That I Was Brave

You might sleep, but you’ll never dream
Onward! Progress! Or so it seems.
You might laugh, but you’ll never smile.
Come on in and waste away awhile.

When dreams of rings of flowers fade and blur
Giving way to that familiar ill
come over and part your soft white curtains
Where I’m waiting for you still
If you’d unlatch the window,
If you’d let me lay there on your floor
If you’d give me another chance,
If you’d forget the pain I caused before
No use in saying how I’m sorry
So I’m trying not to speak
I’ll sing in silence, lay beside you
With my face there on your cheek
My stomach swears there’s comfort there
In the warmth of the blankets on your bed
My stomach’s always been a liar-
I’ll believe it’s lies again.


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I once prayed for someone to speak truth to, and as if an answer to my prayers, a man came to me starving and in need.

He asked for food and I gave him a Bible. We parted ways.

Later I heard the man had died of starvation, but my conscious was clear…

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Truth always carries with it confrontation. Truth demands confrontation; loving confrontation nevertheless. If our reflex action is always accommodation regardless of the centrality of the truth involved, there is something wrong.
Francis Schaeffer

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When I write, especially in the area of non-fiction, I have to be careful that all I say does not come out as “sarcastic passive aggressive quips implying you are dumb”.

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With sexuality as it stands now, our societal inclinations are to adamantly accept or to suppress as if it does not exist. There is created, then, a vacuum doorway in the “Closet.” As you stand and consider everything in the doorway of sexuality, one will either be sucked in one direction or the other. There is attributed too much importance on the things that define sexuality, which are actually only that which make us unique humans.